SolarEast awarded TÜV certificate for its PowerCool-LFP5000 ESS product


On August 30th 2023, TÜV SUD held a Certification Awarding Ceremony at EESA 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition in Suzhou, China, culminating in awarding IEC certificate to SolarEast Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd for its PowerCool-LFP5000 series of ESS products. The Ceremony was attended by Mr Xu Hailiang, Vice President of TÜV SUD and Mr Aaron Feng Gao, CEO of SolarEast Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd.  

SolarEast Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SolarEast, a listed technological enterprise founded in 1999 that specializes in air source heat pump, ESS and integration of PV + energy storage system and aims to realize the vision of being a respected enterprise. In this certification program, TÜV SUD, following technical codes and standards of IEC 62619 and more, conducted a series of tests on PowerCool-LPF5000 products, e.g., over-current test, over-voltage test, and over-temperature test, etc. The excellent performance achieved in the tests finally won SolarEast the Mark Safety and CE-RED TÜV certificate, which is a testament to SolarEast’s R&D capability in terms of ESS hardware as well as its acute insight into the overseas market demand. With more and more energy storage products lined up in the development pipeline, SolarEast has taken proactive actions to roll out full-line products.


 Company Profile

Jiangsu Solareast Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solareast Holdings Co., Ltd. It specializes in development, manufacturing and sales of energy storage products of various specifications that are wildly used in grid-side, industrial & commercial, and residential applications. The Company also smartly incorporates energy storage with PV, air-source heat pumps and charging piles, providing customers with smart All-in-One solutions featuring "PV+ESS+thermal" and "PV+ESS+charging"